SKI-DOO (LYNX) G4 850 TURBO KIT 2017-2022



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High performance, reliable, tunerless and wallet friendly. These were Silbers goals when They set out to make the new 850 kit and they have hit every mark. Make no mistake about it, this is a game changing kit for the 850. Silber is the first company to utilize the factory ECU/ECM to control fueling requirements for the turbo. This means no tuning no matter what boost you run or what elevation you run at. Pull the rope and ride the sled, just like a stock snowmobile, except you have all the power of a turbo. 

This kit is the easiest turbo to install on the market with no cutting, welding or drilling required. Boost levels adjustible by the user between 3-10psi. External wastegate only, for the smoothest most spike-free delivery of boost possible. 

There is no turbo kit for Ski-Doo that can match their kits ease of use, performance, and reliability – at any price point. How can they offer it at such a crazy price you ask? They have spent a lot of time and energy on engineering their kits to be as simple and high performing as possible, plus, they don’t believe in the margins the other guys ask for.  


Kit Highlights

  • Fueling: Silber introduced their proprietary ECU reflash on the 4th generation Pro RMK kit and have further refined it for the 850 Skidoo. Reflashing the sled’s stock ECU with a custom map specific to their turbo kit is the game changing technology that has brought turbo reliability and performance to never before seen levels. With the Silber 850 kit there is no monkeying around with control boxes or worrying about punching buttons as you change elevation, temperature, snow conditions or even boost levels. Their custom, dynamic map brings multiple variables into account such as manifold pressure, exhaust valve position, fueling via both sets of injectors, spark timing, temperature, RPM, EGTs and adjusts parameters in real time to keep your sled running without a hiccup and without touching a thing. Pull the rope. Go. Have fun. 
  • Engine Protection:  Silber is the only manufacturer that has the capability to turn the oil pump up to allow your engine proper lubrication while running a turbo. 
  • Adjustable Boost: As noted above, Silber controls boost through an external wastegate. Want to lower boost and save on gas? Maybe it dumped the night before and you want to run more boost. No problem. With their kit one only needs to swap wastegate actuator springs and control your boost from 3-12psi. Silber notes the kit comes preset with a 7psi spring. 
  • No Cut Installation: Their system is designed to quickly install without modification of the sled. Our exhaust system is constructed of 304 SS and fully polished. The system was designed to enhance performance while minimizing noise. The exhaust exits the OEM location in the belly pan allowing for simple installation. 
  • Silicone Charge air is fed to the engine through a custom molded silicone charge tube. They use custom silicone because it’s the smoothest flowing, doesn’t conduct heat like aluminum and allows for an OEM like fit.
  • Intake: The intake air is routed to the turbocharger through plastic cold air intake. The custom high impact modular plastic intake is feather light and adapts seamlessly to the OEM hood. This allows for cold air to be drawn through the stock hood vents.
  • Intercooler: TBD. They are still working on an intercooler, if they deem it appropriate, for this kit. Standard kit ships **without** intercooler as 98% of their kits over the last 24 months have shipped without them to very happy customers. 

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in
Sled year

2017-2020 Skidoo 850, 2021-2022+ Skidoo 850 or Lynx 850


Intercooled, Non Intercooled


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