APP Indestructible Anti-Stab Kit Polaris


Frequently when installing aftermarket or upgraded tracks and/or suspension components it becomes necessary to trim the front of the slide rails for clearance. Usually this is done to facilitate installing ex-volute anti-ratchet drivers. When the front protective plastic guides are removed they must be replaced with something to prevent the rails from piercing the track (stabbing). Usually due to the high amount of friction at this location wheels are added to prevent rubbing and track stabbing. Currently on the market there are several companies that build similar products, but as mountain sleds have evolved the current designs have not. Most use small wheels, shafts and bolts that are prone to breakage, causing the exact damage they were installed to prevent. Even in high horsepower, boosted applications where the front of the track is subjected to repeated wheelie impacts. Installing ex-volute anti ratchet drivers? An ANTI-STAB KIT will allow you to trim the front of the rails for clearance and keep the rails from piercing the track.


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Some modification to rail cap is required for some models.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 16 × 6 in
Limiter Strap

Two straps, One strap center, One strap offset


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