CAN-AM Maverick Trail/Sport/XC/RC Blow Hole


-Low amp draw DC fan (2.0 amp startup and 1.7amp continuous) does not over tax the electrical system.
-Heavy duty welded aluminum design is rugged enough to take abuse but lightweight
-Pulls approximately 224 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air through the clutch ductwork enhancing the OEM clutch fan
-Air is removed from the clutch housing and fan installation does not inhibit or otherwise interfere with belt changes
-Active venting system that expels hot air even at low ground speeds as opposed to OEM rpm dependant clutch mounted fan
-Clutches and belt stay cooler which allows them to last longer and work better.
-Belt dust and other fine debris are essentially vacuumed out of the clutch cover area so clutches stay cleaner.
-Factory connector allows true plug and play install. Also allows quick disconnect for troubleshooting and repair work on machine.

-This Blow Hole fits the Can-Am Maverick Sport 800/1000R with minor enlargement of the auxiliary clutch air intake hole.
-This Blow Hole will also fit the Can-Am Maverick Trail 800/1000 but requires changing the clutch cover to the 1000R style variator cover (part number 420212509) and requires drilling a hole for the air intake. Instructions coming soon.

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“THE BLOW HOLE” for UTV’s brings MTNTKS respected and valued snowmobile product along with its heat fighting abilities to increase the longevity of the drivetrain and ultimately your investment. MTNTK developed this out of a desperate need to increase belt and clutch life. Out in the extreme conditions of the sand dunes, it has become commonplace to remove the belt covers in a desperate attempt to prevent belt failures. While removal of the cover does help with belt failures, the increased contact with the sand leads to premature clutch wear and failure. The same cases can be seen in any environment such as rock crawling and trail riding. The clutches and drive belt show up as a weak link as the added load is converted to wasted heat energy. This waste heat deteriorates drive belts, and breaks down composite bearing surfaces and parts which lead to increased inefficiency. This loss of efficiency only provides more ways to make heat and the vicious cycle repeats until failure. UTV’s place extreme loads on their clutches and belt which builds extreme heat. This heat, in turn, will end up costing you money and riding time. It leads to premature wear on your clutches, and complete belt and clutch failure. “THE BLOW HOLE” for UTV’s places a high output auxiliary fan in the cooling ducts of your clutch housing. It dramatically reduces average temperatures generated in the clutch system and also speeds cooling of the clutch housing when traveling at lower speeds between high load events. Plug and Play with OEM connectors.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 in


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