*High elevation setup (can be used for low elevation with weight change)
*Quicker acceleration
*More track speed climbing
*Adjustable weights for fine tuning
*Holds back shift better for more control when descending hills
*All kits come with Moly coated stainless washer for primary spring not pictured

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The 9R stock clutching is plagued with over revving scenarios from factory. Harness the power of your 9R with the APP Power Tuner Clutch Kit. This kit accelerates hard from a dead stop without taking away any of the incredible quick revs from the 9R motor. Arm wrenching midrange increase in acceleration and track speed will have you holding the front end longer over bumps and knolls. We are seeing an increase of 10-15kmph track speed climbing at wide open throttle in deep snow. WOW!!! Incredible backshift the power is always right there when you need it. With a great back shift the clutching will hold rpm consistently descending down hill. This kit harnesses the power of the 9R putting it all to the snow where you want it. Kits can be used for low elevation with the adjustable weights provided. Kits come with weight recommendations as per our extensive testing.

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in


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