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Engineered for unrivaled power, torque, and efficiency.

Crafted with the finest materials and manufacturing processes, Single APX exhaust system features a custom-designed stainless steel header and a high-flow, lightweight muffler that maximizes exhaust flow, increasing power and torque. RJWC unique design delivers a deep and aggressive exhaust note, while also providing superior sound control to meet the demands of utility work.

RJWC TIG-welded construction ensures a tight and secure fit, while the stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting durability, even in the toughest off-road conditions. Their exhaust system is fully serviceable and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for riders who demand the best in performance and utility.

Fuel tuning

The use of an aftermarket performance exhaust requires a crucial step – EFI tuning. RJWC Powersports exhaust systems must be accompanied by a proper re-flashing or use of an EFI Tuner to prevent the engine from running lean, which can result in engine damage. To guarantee a correct air to fuel mixture, make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended settings for your fuel tuner.

Neglecting to properly tune the engine using an EFI tuner when using an RJWC Powersports exhaust will void the exhaust warranty. Any problems arising from the engine not running correctly, such as a lean condition or incorrect air/fuel ratio, will not be considered a valid warranty claim.

Please note that if your vehicle differs from the base model, additional modifications such as a different tune, turndown pipe, or other adjustments may be necessary to achieve a proper fit and optimal performance. All RJWC Powersports exhausts are designed and tested on stock-equipped vehicles.


ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD8 Cab2017-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD8 convenience pkg w lock diff.2017-2018
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD8 DPS2017-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD8 XT2017-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 1000 Trail2018-2020
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 1000 Trail DPS2018-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 700 Trail2022-2023
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 700 Trail DPS2022-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 800 Trail2018-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Maverick 800 Trail DPS2018-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 Mossy Oak Edition2020
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 Pro DPS2020-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 Pro Lone Star2021-2022
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 Pro LTD CAB2021-2023
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 Pro XT2020-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 XMR2018-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 XT2017-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 XT CAB2017-2020
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 XT-P2018-2020
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD82017-2021
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender 10002016
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender 1000 DPS2016
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender 1000 XT2016
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender 1000 XT CAB2016
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD102017-2018
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 6X6 DPS2020-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 6X6 LTD2023-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 6X6 XT2021-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 DPS2017-2024
ATV/UTVCAN-AM (BRP)Defender HD10 LTD CAB2020-2024

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 in


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