Dalton Adjustable Clutch Kit for the 2016-2023 Polaris 900cc RZR,TRAIL models 28″ and larger tires (* 2 seat version)



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Dalton adjustable clutch kit for the 2016-2023 Polaris 900cc RZR models (28” and larger tires), as well as sand dune or high elevation applications with any tire size.

This is one Dalton clutch kit that can be set up for different applications. Sometimes RZR owners use more than one set of tires, or use the vehicle for different applications or terrain types. This kit includes Dalton’s “Quick Adjust” flyweight system, that allows you to add or subtract some of the mass from the flyweights without even removing the flyweights from the clutch. Dalton’s instruction manual has a “set up guide” showing how to set up the kit for different tire sizes and applications.

This Dalton kit is similar to the stock tire kit for this vehicle, but contains a different secondary clutch spring more suited to the application. Their kits for this vehicle contain the same adjustable flyweight lever arms and most components.

This Dalton kit is for the described tire sizes, but can be used with smaller (26-27”) tires by adding the optional secondary spring DPSS-B/BL-T (Black/Blue w/tang). You can convert one Dalton kit to the other by the use of the optional secondary spring. Dalton’s instructions include set ups for that optional spring and tire sizes, etc.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in


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